Riesling – semi dry - 0.75 l 2016 – Spätlese (late vintage) - 2,050 Yen p.bt. (incl. consumption tax) A full-bodied, harmonious Riesling that doesn’t leave anything to be desired. This Riesling pleasantly demonstrates the potential of this grape. All those who think semi dry wine is neither one thing nor the other will be taught otherwise by this wine. Award: Silver medal of Chamber of Agriculture Chardonnay – dry – 0.75 l 2015 – Spätlese (late vintage) 2,200 Yen p.bt. (incl. consumption tax) Hand-selected vintage, a very careful quality control and a prolonged aging process in wooden casks - those are the special attributes for this powerful white wine. Award: Gold medal of the Chamber of Agriculture Pinot Gris (Grauer Burgunder) dry – 0.75 l 2016 – Quality Wine 2,200 Yen p.bt. (incl. consumption tax) Pinot Gris is one of the elegant, distinguished contemporaries. It's stylish, strong, never importunate, but determined and self-confident.... Try me! Award: Silver medal of the Chamber of Agriculture Copyright: T’s Communications Corp. 2009-2018