Mundorff – dry – 0,75 l 2015 – matured in barrique 2,600 Yen (incl. consumption tax) A very special red wine with a special name. „Mundorff“ was the name of the founders of the vineyard. For more than two decades the vineyard was called „Mundorff-Wohlgemuth“. With this expressive red wine speciality made of Cabernet Dorsa and Merlot grapes that emphasises the barrique aroma the Name „Mundorff“ lives on. This wine is quite a stunner! Award: Gold medal of the Chamber of Agriculture Extract ‘12 - dry – 0.75 l 2012 – Red Wine Cuvee – matured in barrique 3,100 Yen (incl. consumption tax) Time - a lot of time - love, ripe grapes, experience and, once more, time - those are the ingredients necessary to create such a wine, which is worth the title “Extract”. It is the very essence of red wine of the year 2012. Copyright: T’s Communications Corp. 2009-2018