Dornfelder Sparkling Red Wine  extra dry – 0.75 l   2,750 Yen (incl. consumption tax) This red sparkling wine presents itself deep red and full-bodied, with a distinct red wine character. Surprise yourself with this combination of talents of a rich red wine and the refreshing tickling sensation of an extra dry sparkling wine. At last a sparkling wine that will also satisfy the red wine connoisseur. Copyright: T’s Communications Corp. 2009-2023 Riesling Sparkling White Wine  dry – 0.75 l bottle fermentation   2,550 Yen (incl. consumption tax) Riesling is regarded as the “Queen of White Wine”. And nothing else counts for sparkling wine make from this grape. A “sparkling” body, graced with subtle hints of fruit is awaiting the connoisseur. Pop the cork!