Copyright 2009-2023 T’s Communications Corp. All Rights Reserved Wine Sale Germany is a country that has been famous for its light white wines and full-bodied dessert  wines. Especially in Japan German wine is somehow synonymous with extremely sweet and  very light wine of rather low quality, as this has been the way German wine was been promoted in Japan for about 50  years. Now is the time to experience the true nature of German  wine!  Therefore, we have put together a small, reasonably priced  collection of wines that will show you what German wine is  capable of. All our wines come from a local vineyard in  Rhinehessen (region of Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany) - the sunny hills west of the river  Rhine offer the best for growing quite a variety of wines.  As a licenced wine dealer we also make sure that all our wines comply with the very strict  German regulations for wine-making as well as Japanese import and distribution requirements.  You’ll find that wines from our vineyard have been awarded bronze, silver or gold medals by  the Chamber of Agriculture. Local German Wine Specialties